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Remote Service Technician-

", Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRT) is hiring a Remote Service Technician in the coming weeks who work from home and help customers select the right solution for their digital home or small business. sells directly and also on behalf of its channel partners which include major retailers, cable providers and anti-virus companies. These partners offer branded services as part of their own integrated consumer programs in order to fix, configure, and setup today's consumer technology, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices running Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android operating systems. provides an award-winning customer experience by using an innovative model that combines a cloud-based technology platform with a fully distributed workforce. has been growing rapidly each year and expects to continue to expand while defining a new category of technology-enabled services. Apply if you love technology, have great communication skills, and want to work from home while still being part of a growing public company!
Please apply TODAY! Click here to apply. (Due to volume of applications, emailed resumes can NOT be accepted. Please apply online using the "click here" link.) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

eBay Buyer's Remorse, Return and Refund

I wanted to write a short post about what to do when a Buyer suffers from Buyers Remorse and requests a refund/return.    There is an option in your listing on whether you choose to accept returns or offer refunds.   However, please note that this will not stop your buyer from requesting a refund.   If the Buyer can provide eBay and Paypal with proof that the item is not what they expected, even though you state you do not accept returns, your buyer can still get a refund.  

My advice is to go ahead and accept their request.    Then ask them to ship the item back to you and provide tracking information.   Please note that you MUST do all this within the eBay messaging system, preferably via the same transaction when they request the refund.    This is how eBay tracks all the messaging that takes place for this transaction.   eBay will give this buyer a certain amount of time to send your item back to you.... even if they fail to provide you with tracking information, you still need to wait for the time period eBay states.   If the item arrives,  you should examine if before you then refund your buyer.   Make sure it is the exact product that you sent them.  
Once you refund your buyer, the transaction is completed.

HOWEVER,  if the buyer fails to send the item in the amount of time requested by eBay, contact your buyer to see if they still intend to send the item.     IF the buyer states they do not have your contact information to send the item back... CONTACT EBAY.    The buyer has been provided your return information the moment they hit that "request a refund" button.    That is also all in the messaging between you and the buyer.       eBay can then escalate your case and also close it if they suspect that buyer is suffering from Buyer's Remorse.    Once they close the case, you do not have to refund your buyer, your Paypal fund will be released,  and the case will be closed in your favor.   

Contract Writer

"Passionate Food / Diet Writer Needed

The Alternative Daily, a premiere health and wellness website, is looking for a contract ghostwriter – 10-15 articles per week, compensated weekly. Article target size: 500 words. Specialty required in food/diet. Writer will be compensated both for article ideas and authoring of original content articles.

We are looking for a person who is passionate about and practices healthy eating. The Alternative Daily promotes a gluten-free lifestyle, recognizes that fat is not all bad while refined sugar is. We promote a diet of organic vegetables and fruits, a modest amount of meat and fish and a variety of nuts and seeds along with clean drinking water.

We are looking for an individual writer, not a company/team of writers. In addition, you must be available for occasional contact on Skype.

Final note: there may be other opportunities for additional writing assignments from time to time.

How to apply:

With your application, please explain why you are interested, detail your writing experience and provide at least three writing samples in the food / diet field (feel free to just point to an online blog or other online articles you have written in the past).

To apply send an e-mail to David at the following e-mail address:

Please provide your name, e-mail address and phone number as well as two or three date/times you are available for a conversation."


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