Customer Service Specialist

"What is awesome about what you do?

World Wide Web Hosting is looking for people who love helping others! We power over 600,000 websites and those websites power small businesses, provide laughs, provide information, and make the world a better place to live in! And, our customers need amazing people to help them with the little problems that come up along the way as they build their websites. We are looking for an amazing person to assist customers on live chat and some phone during the following schedule:


What do you need to do this position?
  •     General knowledge of the web hosting industry
  •     Experience using cPanel or WHM
  •     Excellent Customer Service skills
  •     Fluent in written and spoken English
  •     A great attitude and a love for helping people!
  •     Optimism, curiosity, and the ability to work as part of a team!
  •     A drive to constantly learn and improve as you learn how to help customers build online!
  •     A reliable internet connection
  •     Ability to honestly self evaluate
  •     Fast Typer : 40WPM+"
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Writers Specialized in Luxury Hotels

" is looking for three talented freelance writers. You would write features about luxury hotels from all over the world.

Working hours are highly flexible, the remuneration would be $50-$150 per article.

What do we expect from you?

- Excellent writing skills
- Published travel features in high profile print or online publications
- Past experience of writing about luxury hotels
- You have existing contacts to various luxury hotels

Please submit your application with a short personal profile and three examples of previous work. "

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List My 5

Do you remember eHow?  I was such a HUGE fan of writing for eHow, which is now Demand Studios.    eHow let you write short articles on "how to do anything".    It didn't even have to be professional!   You earned money from your articles by sharing the Google Adsense revenue with Demand Studios.    That's it!   So easy.   I was making about $75.00 a month from my article collection.

You can imagine my disappointment when they finally sold out.    You had the option of either selling your articles to eHow or deleting them from their site.    Ugh, I sold out for $350.00.

I looked around for something similar to eHow in the days that followed.    The only thing I found remotely similar is List My 5.    Here you make a list of 5 steps on "How to"....    You earn money the exact same way as you did on eHow.    You can check out my article collection here on the right side under Favorite Articles.   Cash out is at $10.00  via Paypal and you must be 18.

The money isn't adding up as fast as it did with eHow, but it's still trickling in.    You can find out more by joining the Writer's Compensation Plan at List My 5.

Video Distribution Manager-Upworthy

"At Upworthy, our mission is to drive massive amounts of attention to the topics that matter most. In our first two and a half years, we've built a subscriber community of more than 9 million around meaningful web content. As we move into 2015, we're looking to expand our footprint and take our audience growth to the next level.

The Opportunity

When lying in bed at night, do you count video views instead of sheep?

Upworthy is hiring a Video Distribution Manager to help us reach millions of people with meaningful, compelling video content. In this role, you'll work closely with our Growth, Content Operations, and Video teams to grow our audiences across video distribution platforms. You'll help build partnerships, program our YouTube channel, and dig into the data to learn what's working, what isn't, and how we can grow our video distribution network.

Responsibilities include:
  •     Help develop distribution strategy for video content on Facebook, YouTube, and social media/messaging platforms
  •     Track day-to-day distribution of video content across our networks
  •     Manage our YouTube channel programming
  •     Work closely with our video team to provide actionable insights based on video performance
Skills required:
  •     Video distribution experience: Ideally, you've got 1-3 years of experience working with YouTube and social media platforms.
  •     Heat-seeking: You have an ability to use data to help figure out what’s working and what isn’t and direct strategy accordingly.
  •     Creative thinking and hunger to learn: We're exploring new platforms and learning something new every day. Ability to generate new ideas and learn from experimentation is key.
    Communication: This role is going to be highly collaborative. The ability to convey learnings clearly and direct new strategy is critical. 

    Tech skills and Internet savvy: You know your way around the Internet and are comfortable working in a virtual environment. "

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$50.00 per Slogan- Ephemera

"Since 1980, Ephemera has been producing Novelty Buttons, Magnets, and Stickers. You'll find our stuff all over the place - cutting edge card & gift shops, bookstores, music stores, gay & left wing shops, porno stores, coffee shops, etc. Some of our best designs end up on products made by companies we license to for T-shirts, cards, books, towels, mugs, calendars, etc.

MAKE US LAUGH OUT LOUD! We're looking for satirical slogans about pop culture, politics & the president, job attitudes, women's & men's issues, coffee, booze, pot, drugs, religion, food, aging, teens, gays & lesbians, sexual come-ons & put-downs. But please don't limit yourself to these topics. Surprise us!

Be fresh, original and concise. Our buttons and magnets are small, so we are looking for HIGH IMPACT gems of wit stated in AS FEW WORDS AS POSSIBLE. Ephemera has a reputation for coming up with the most irreverent, provocative and outrageously funny material on the market. We encourage you to be as weird, twisted and rude as you like."