Tattoo Removal Blogger

"Looking for a writer with experience related to laser tattoo removal. We are specifically looking for people with this kind of experience, please don't apply if you don't have it.

The ideal candidate has worked for a laser tattoo removal company or has covered tattoo removal extensively on related blogs, magazines etc.

Please attach samples of your laser tattoo removal related work to your application.

How to apply:

Email your application to"

Swagbucks Surveys

I've talked about Swagbucks before.   I wanted to make sure you knew how to maximize your earning potential so that you can collect Amazon Credit and/or Paypal cash quickly.  Once you join, by clicking on the above image.    You can then start earning..... the quickest way to do this is by completing Surveys.    You can do this by clicking on the Answer Tab and then clicking on the Paid Surveys tab.     While you are at that tab, make sure you also answer the Daily Poll.   That will also earn you one point.   

Head on over there now and start collecting before the holiday season.

Swagbucks Explained

I felt compelled to write a post about how great Swagbucks is. I'd also like to explain it in detail for those of you who are unfamiliar with how it works. First and foremost, I'd like you to run over there and sign up. Why? Well two reasons, 1) I'd like you to use my referral link so that I get credit for everything you do and 2) I'd like you to see how easy it is to accumulate points just by using Swagbucks as your search page. You can use this page just like you would Google or Yahoo. It's that easy. Only every once in awhile, (mostly three times a day), you are awarded with points. You can use these points on a variety of merchandise--- makeup, gift cards, even Paypal cash if you'd like. To date (I have been using it since the middle of August 2011), I have redeemed $450.00 in Paypal cash and $700.00 in Amazon Gift Cards.

Digital Sciene Fiction Magazine Writer

Announcing Nonlocal Science Fiction, a new kind of short fiction periodical.

NonlocalSF is a quarterly digital science fiction magazine that features standout sci-fi written by up and coming authors. We are seeking submissions for our inaugural issue, due out in early 2015.

We are seeking short stories ranging from 1,500-12,000 words and stories longer than 12,000 words that can be broken apart and published as serials across multiple issues.

Details regarding genres that we will publish, our general philosophy, author compensation, and how to contact us and submit manuscripts can be found on our website:

Additional details will be posted to the site periodically. Check back often!

Follow us on Twitter: @33rdStreetPress

Film Reviewer and Writer for Horror Website is currently looking for a reviewer for horror films, interviewers, and articles. launched in February 2014, and have grown immensely since. We have support of a lot of major film PR companies, have weekly contests and are close to 10k followers on twitter.

As we are growing our small staff cannot accommodate all the review requests we are getting. We are seeking a film reviewer for the site. Currently the position is non-pay, though that may change in the near future as we tweak our affiliates and advertising campaigns. But you will get some free movies, digital screening links, and some other goodies. So if you love horror films and want to get some amazing exposure for your resume' this is certainly for you.

Please respond to this email with a sample of a review. We will contact you about getting set up on the site and start writing.


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