Fund Dreamer- Remote

We are currently seeking crowdfunding agents to join Fund Dreamer. The agent will be responsible for securing crowdfunding campaigns, delivering our brand, and helping expand our market presence. The agent will also serve as a consultant to aid in delivering successful crowdfunding campaigns.

The crowdfunding agent will be responsible for:

  •     Becoming a crowdfunding expert
  •     Leverage Social Media to develop Fund Dreamer awareness
  •     Recruiting and training agents
  •     Identifying and executing crowdfunding solutions for individuals engaged in crowdfunding campaigns
  •     Engaging business start-ups worthy of incubation and venture capital consideration.
Self-starters and creative individuals with excellent communication skills are sought. Individuals with an entrepreneurial mentality and motivated by desire to build a business in a start-up environment will be successful. Social media, sales, marketing, computer, and leadership skills are a plus.

Please submit your resume. Please review the website and be prepared to discuss why your ambition meets the FundDreamer mission.

Paint for Extra Money

Painting is something you can do anytime you have extra time.   If you are a working mom, you can paint on the weekends while someone else watches the kiddos.   Paint in the evenings while hubby watches the kids.   Start off small and build your business from there.

Paint the interior
Paint the exterior
Reface Kitchen Cabinets
Paint both indoor and outdoor furniture

If you like it, you can always branch out.   Become an apprentice for a carpenter or electrician and further your services!


TaskFriend is a local online marketplace where you can find people nearby to help you with whatever you need. You can post a task and wait for others to make you an offer or you can browse through the listed services and find the one that is right for you. Otherwise, if you’re looking to earn money and help out your community, you can make an offer on your task or post a service of your own.”

How it Works:

1) Not enough hours in a day? Post a task and find a neighbor to lend you a hand.
2) Wait for offers and choose the person that works best for your needs and price.
3) Sit back and relax while all your errands are completed. Just write a review once it's done.


Sniplo- Earn Money for Food Photos

"People love to take pictures of their food and drinks, and to share them with friends. Sniplo doesn’t ask people to change a damn thing, simply rewards them for what they’re already doing.

It couldn’t work any easier. Take a photo of your appetizer, entrĂ©e, cocktail, what have you, and post it on social media using the mobile app. Then – no that’s it. Then you collect instant rewards such as discounts on food or drinks at nearby restaurants. Maybe even earn extra goodies if your friends share your pics on Facebook.

Sniplo has started by partnering with restaurants in NYC, but they’re taking suggestions for restaurants that they should bring onboard (probably much faster than they can keep up with).

So, my foodie friends, if you’d like to earn rewards for creating and sharing your food porn photos, visit for more details. Only, take pity on your servers, I beg you kindly – there aren’t any bonuses for submitting pictures of the same plate at daybreak, sunset, in moonlight… Snap, share, and eat!
Snap a pic of dinner and post it to Facebook, and score immediate rewards @sniplo "

Music Instructor

Remember the days when your mother would send you to the little old lady down the road to learn piano?    Little did you know that that little old lady was making money from her talent.    If you play any type of musical instrument, or sing, you could be making money too!   Great job for a stay at home individual who needs to make a good living or just a little extra income!