Build Privacy Fences

As I type, there is a lady out back building a privacy fence for the neighbor.   I've been sitting out back watching her, thinking... I wish I knew how to do that.   She's making it out of wood, but I've seen so many cool ideas lately.   How easy would it be to start this business for your own?   Most of my neighbors do not have a privacy fence.... most newer neighborhoods may not either.    You can find cool items to make fences, such as shutters, old doors, plants, etc...   There are a ton of ideas over at Pinterest as well.   So, be creative and start this as your own business right now!


"TaskRabbits are friendly, awesome people in your community who are either under-employed, retired, parents with grown children, or folks who just want something more interesting than a standard desk job.
Every TaskRabbit goes through our application process, which includes a video screening and a multilayered background check.

TaskRabbits and TaskPosters use their real identities online, so everyone knows who they're dealing with. TaskRabbits are also reviewed and rated on the Tasks they complete, so it's easy to ensure that good TaskRabbits are always busy.

We are currently adding TaskRabbits based on several factors, including community needs, skill set, demand, and location, among others. If we are not yet in your town, your application will be archived for future consideration as we expand nationwide. Please note that sometimes this process can take several weeks or more due to the volume of applications we receive as well as the demand in each market. If you have further questions about the process, head over to our FAQs for some answers.

Viral Content Writer

"Hi I am looking for someone to post viral content similar to Buzzfeed, ViralNova etc.

Images and videos must be all properly sourced.

I would like to know costs for five posts per week, one a day.

Posts should be 300-400 words and written in clear English.

I would like to see similar work that you have already done.

How to apply:

Email us at"

Content Writer

"Looking for a weekly content writer who can write on Conversion Rate Optimization. Articles need to be extremely detailed. 2,000+ words each, case studies, data to support topic, etc.

How to apply:

Email with examples of relevant articles written"

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