Wholesale Items to Resell

Many of you are looking for items to resell on eBay, Amazon, your own website, store or just at your local flea market. I have put a link to eBay auctions for Wholesale items on the right side of this blog for your convenience.  This link is located under Popular Posts here on the right side of this Blog. 

These items are all sold through eBay.   Hope this helps you find something good to resell. 

Make Money Designing Tattoos

"CreateMyTattoo.com is a community dedicated to custom tattoo designs since 2008.  We are actively looking for talented tattoo Designers who want to make money designing custom tattoos.  It is 100% FREE to join and participate.  We offer the following two unique ways for tattoo designers to make money:

Tattoo Marketplace:


Customers can browse hundreds of custom tattoo designs submitted by our designers. Each tattoo design can be purchased and printed out instantly.  Artists get paid a 75% commission on every sale!

How the Tattoo Marketplace Works:


  1. Submit any original tattoo designs you have created.
  2. Set a sale price for each design.
  3. Sit back and get paid every time a design is sold.

Tattoo Marketplace Artist Benefits:


  • 100% FREE to join and submit designs!
  • Submit as many designs as you like.
  • You can work from anywhere.  All designs and stencils are sent electronically.
  • Your original designs are YOUR property & can be removed at anytime.
  • Each design can be sold multiple times (there is no limit).
  • You set the sale price.
  • Receive a 75% commission on every sale!

Explaining Craigslist GIGS

Many of my readers are people whom are looking to work at home.   Many are stay at home moms, disabled people, or just people who are unable to get out of the house.    Regardless of which category you fall into, there is one thing you all have in common, you are all looking to make extra income....  Many things are hard to understand... I realize that... so, I try to make it easy.    I try to blog about opportunities and ideas that I, too, would use... not just random "get rich quick" crap.

So, I want to introduce you to the Craigslist GIGS section.    This is a little tiny, sometimes overlooked, area of Craigslist.     You can find it on the very bottom right hand side.    Under this category are several areas listed where you can find small, usually one time, money making opportunities.   You might find a position such as setting up a stage for a concert or even a freelance writing opportunity or two.     So, don't forget to check this little section from time to time when you are in need of some quick cash.  

Walmart Layaway 2015 Comes Early

Walmart will implement their layaway program early this year.   Layaway start on August 28th. 

Here is the scoop from a fellow blogger:

"WalMart Layaway 2015:

The WalMart Layaway 2015 program will run from from August 28, 2015 through December 14, 2015. Layaway is only available for in-store purchases and not offered for online purchases at this time. Available for electronics, toys, select sporting goods, small appliances and jewelry (excludes wireless phones that require contracts).

WalMart Layaway Policy:

  •     No opening fee.
  •     Down payment is $10 or 10%, whichever is greater.
  •     Items must be $10 or greater and the total purchases must be $50 or greater.
  •     Final payment and pickup must be made on or before December 14 at the same store.
  •     If account is canceled, items will be returned to inventory. Down payment and payments  made will be refunded, less a $10 cancellation fee.
  •     Walmart Returns Policy applies to all layaway transactions.

- See more at: http://www.becentsable.net/2015/08/walmart-layaway-2015.html/#sthash.5nDutKuy.dpuf"

Internet Privacy Writer

"We require a high quality writer to write medium-sized (2000'ish words) pieces on the general state of every country's Internet privacy/freedom/censorship/surveillance.

For the right writer we will pay handsomely per piece. There are a lot of countries in the world, so as you can guess, this is a solid income for the writer we will choose.
How to apply

To apply, please email chris@jordanfried.com stating your interest and a brief overview of your writing history. We can take it from there. "