Fashion Product Company Marketer Manager

Fashion League productions is a new upcoming fashion productions team who is looking to grow and expand their business in the Memphis market and get clientele flowing regularly.  Fashion League Productions has a lot of projects going on and don't have the time or passion for the marketing side.  We are looking for individuals that have a passion for the marketing/branding side of business industry,  who may be interested in working with Fashion League Productions on the marketing side of our business;  someone like a business/manager for our business.   It would be a commission rate agreement, so the pay would be the clients fashion league productions book directly through who you bring to our business.  You would get a rate from only the clients you bring to Fashion League Productions and they book our business.

Make Money off a Dispute- New Court TV Show

Brand new court show for a major TV studio, with a famous Judge, is looking for disputes.

- Did your sibling crash your car or damage your property and refuse to pay to get it fixed?
- Did an ex or a good friend stiff you on a bill they ran up?
- Has your neighbor's pet attacked your favorite pair of Jimmy Choo's?
- Did you have a run in with your creepy landlord & now he wouldn't return your security deposit?

If you have a great dispute with someone, we are looking for you! If your case is selected you could be paid up to $700, in addition to your transportation, accommodations, and per diem being paid for to New Orleans for the taping.

Please give us a call and share your story. Both sides would be required to participate.

 678-538-6548- Phone or email

Freelance Writer for Ski Site

"Seeking Writers For Freelance Writing On Ski-Related Topics

Job Description: Established media publisher building a ski-travel website for which we’re assigning 20 to 30 California based stories, about a particular ski mountain, ski town or ski topic that helps guide the users in making choices for their best California skiing experience.

For a 700-word assignment, we require writer contact at least one media source (typically a mountain, resort or industry media relations individual) and a second expert source who lives the topic (a long time expert skier or ski patrol of a particular mountain, a ski school instructor, etc.). Writers will work with a top-level editor from our staff. We’re ready to assign stories now and will respond promptly to applicants.

Concierge Specialist

"This position requires candidate to currently reside in or near one of the following locations:  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, or Las Vegas

  •     Do you have a passion for travel, dining or entertainment? Do your friends and family consider you their expert “go-to” source for travel and dining recommendations?
  •     Do you pride yourself on and take pleasure in helping people to make the most of their special occasions?
  •     Does great feedback from others inspire you to reach even higher?
  •     Do you want to work in a truly global organization, a world leader in its field with lots of diversity?
  •     Are you looking for an organization whose tremendous growth provides an excellent opportunity for development and career advancement?

Cleaning, Moving, De-Junking

I wanted to do a quick post about a highly sought after job or gig... Cleaning.   We aren't talking your run of the mill cleaning though... we are talking about cleaning, de-junking and moving the junk to the proper area.    If you do a quick search of Craigslist and look down at the Gigs and Services area, you will see what I mean.   Every single day people are in search of this type of service.    This would be something that you could possibly do in your spare time and make a ton of money by doing so.  

What made me this about this is, we own a small business.   We utilize a small storage unit to keep our business things in.   However, we rarely have the time to go out and straighten things up... it's more like, go to the storage, remove what we want and throw the other items in and get out as fast as we can.    That's fine because we don't have the time to mess with it.... but like everything, that clutter adds up AND takes up space.   

This is another thing you can do.    Go around to small businesses and present them with your business card.   Let them know you are in business to clean or de-junk their storage for them.   It's not easy.   But it's something you can do at your own pace, charge what you want for and maybe even find some long lost treasures in the process.    If they are throwing things away, you can probably keep the things you are interested in.    A truck or van is not necessarily required with this, as most storage facilities have their own dumpsters on site.